Industrial Services

Anez Consulting, Inc. offers Industries a Type IV Operator, Caroline D’Huyvetter. A Type IV Operator can work with Industrial By-Product land application ensuring that nutrient applications are kept in compliance with State and Federal regulations. Areas we can assist businesses include:

Land Application Services:

  • Site Notification Forms,
  • County/Township Notification,
  • Soil Sampling, Industrial By-Product Sampling,
  • Staking Setbacks Prior to Application,
  • Mapping Suitable Acres for Application,
  • End User Reports,
  • Meetings and Negotiations with Land Owners.

Compliance Services:

  • Industrial Stormwater NPDES coverage and compliance,
  • Construction Stormwater NPDES Coverage & Inspections Site Evaluation and Report,
  • Spill Pollution Prevention Plan (SPCC),
  • Hazardous Waste Generator License & Reporting,
  • Air Quality Permit Application & Reporting,
  • Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting,
  • CERCLA & EPCRA Reporting.

Type IV Operator Certified

Completion and Signing Annual Reports

Contact Dave Plagge or Caroline D’Huyvetter for more information!