When it comes to optimum soil fertility and crop protection, Anez Consulting, LLC strives to be the BEST Source of Information for their clients. Started in 1990 by Vince Anez with a handful of growers, the company has grown to a staff that provides agronomy services on over 50,000 acres. Paul Anez was added as a business partner in 2003 when the company incorporated. In 2000, Anez Consulting also became the sales agency for DuPont Pioneer brand products in Little Falls, along with a Pioneer agency in Paynesville, MN in 2014.




Vince Anez
Owner,  CCA;SSp

Vince Anez is the Owner of Anez Consulting, LLC of Little Falls, MN, an agronomy business he started in 1990. Anez Consulting serves clients around Minnesota covering 50,000 acres. He works with clients to reduce input costs and increase productivity on their farms. In 2000 Vince and his brother started a seed agency with Pioneer Hi-Bred Int.. 

He grew up on a farm in Little Falls, MN. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy from North Dakota State University, where he belonged to the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity; a professional agriculture fraternity. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and Sustainability Specialist with the American Society of Agronomy, member of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and Knights of Columbus. He also co-owns Red Dawn Angus with his brother Paul.

He and his wife Lisa live on the home farm in Little Falls, where the Pioneer Seed Warehouse is located and started a registered Red Angus Beef operation. Vince and Lisa have two sons and a daughter.[/text_output]

281Paul Anez
Owner,  CCA

Paul Anez has been a Crop Consultant since 2000 for Anez Consulting, prior to that he had worked for the NRCS, interned with Sandoz Crop Protection, and worked in Agriculture in Western Austrailia. In 2004 he became co-owner of Anez Consulting, LLC, with his brother Vince.

He has a Bachelors Degree in Animal and Plant Systems from the University of MN, St. Paul, 1997. While on campus he belonged to the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity and a Crop and Soils Club. He is a Certified Crop Advisor with the American Society of Agronomy, member of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and Knights of Columbus. Paul also served on the Board for Mary of Lourdes Catholic School.

He enjoys the opportunities and challenges that come with working with progressive clients that want to reach the next level in productivity and profitability.

He and his wife Melissa live in Little Falls and have 5 children.

Renee Maciej
Office Manager

Renee Maciej has been the office manager for Anez Consulting, LLC of Little Falls, MN since 2000. Renee handles the invoicing, accounting, human resources, and public relations for the Little Falls office.

She moved to Little Falls from Chaska in 2000 where she had worked at the Chaska Community Center for 7 yrs. Prior to that, she had been a sales consultant for JCPenney Bridal, Southdale. She grew up on a farm in Little Falls, MN with her 9 brothers and sisters. She graduated from Alexandria Technical College in Sales Management.

She has been married to her husband Todd since 1988 and they have 4 children.

Michael Dunn 
Precision Agronomist,  CCA; SSp

Michael has worked with Anez Consulting since September 2010 when he started as an Agronomy Technician.  He holds a certified pesticide applicator’s license, Certified Crop Advisor; Sustainability Specialist certification, and has a CompTIA certification in Project Management.

He was born and raised in Northern California and relocated to central Minnesota in May of 2010.  He worked as a nurseryman for seven years, during which time he became familiar with the cultural requirements for a wide variety of crops, integrated pest management, and many best management practices for horticulture and agriculture. He received his AS degree in Agriculture: Plant Science from the College of the Redwoods in Eureka, CA, where he focused on plant identification, sustainable agriculture practices, and soil fertility.  He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business:  Marketing Management from Western Governors University.

He lives in Little Falls with his wife Ana and their three children.

Cody Neu 
Agronomist, CCA; SSp

Cody joined the Anez Consulting Team in May 2014 as an Agronomy Technician.

He received an Associates of Science in Natural Resources from Central Lakes College in May of 2011 .  He then went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Crop and Weed Science-Agronomy in May of 2014.  He is working with the Anez Consulting team in all areas of agronomy and is a Certified Crop Advisor with a Sustainability Specialist certificate.

He oversees the tasks of scouting, soil sampling, and managing the warehouse.  He lives in Royalton with his wife and two children.

Missy Miller 
Dairy Specialist/Pioneer Sales Associate

Missy joined the Little Falls Anez Consulting team in May of 2014.  She grew up on a small farm in West Union, MN, fell in love with agriculture and helping farmers.  Missy graduated from Ridgewater College and completed her degree in Farm Management; Agri-Business.  She then transferred to NDSU and finished her Bachelor’s Degree in General Agriculture.

She is an Independent Pioneer Sales Representative with an emphasis in Dairy.


Jeanette Eller Watland
Inventory Manager

Jeanette was welcomed to the Anez Consulting team in March of 2011 when she came on as the warehouse manager.  Jeanette has a Bachelors Decree in Agronomy from the University of Minnesota.

She oversees the Inventory for Pioneer Seed at Anez Consulting managing 2 warehouses, and is working on projects through Anez Consulting with Central MN Renewables.

Kim Kollman

Kim grew up on a grain and dairy farm near Brooten, MN.  In the spring of 2016, she graduated from North Dakota State University, where she majored in Animal Science and minored in Crop and Weed Science.  Throughout college she interned with CHS for two summers in Elrosa, MN and also worked in the NDSU Plant Sciences- Spring Wheat Breeding & Genetics department during the school year.  Kim is working toward becoming a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) as she just recently took the exam.

She assists in making soil fertility, lime and chemical recommendations.  She also scouts fields, schedules and helps with field crew soil & stalk sampling and is responsible for soil data organization.

She is familiar with farm management software for organizing and analyzing grower data and uses it to generate variable rate planting prescriptions.


Ben Witt
Summer Intern

Ben started with Anez Consulting in the 2015 school year as a part of the mentorship program through Little Falls high school.  He is currently interning with Anez as a student at NDSU Fargo.


August Maciej
Summer Intern

August started working with Anez Consulting over the summer of 2012. August is working with us in the area of soil sampling and scouting in the areas of weeds, insects, and disease. August is heavily involved in pre-flight planning with senseFly eMotion software, planning and organizing flights, and processing UAV data.

He attends NDSU Fargo and majors in Crop and Weed Science with an Agronomy option and minors in Ag Systems Management.

Verd Anez (2002-2011)
Warehouse Manager/Agronomist


Verd passed away suddenly January 31st of 2011.

Verd managed all seed inventory, shipping, seed treating, and delivery to customers.  During the summer he was invaluable monitoring fields, planting and harvesting test plots and being the “go to” guy for forages, inoculants, and dairy nutrition information.  He was also a Precision Planting agent.